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Department of International Relations and Co-operation (DIRCO) archive (formerly DFA)

Page history last edited by Tom Vaughan 4 years, 1 month ago

Department of International Relations and Co-operation (DIRCO) - formerly DFA

Date of tip: N/A

Source: Tom Vaughan (tov1@aber.ac.uk)


It is no longer possible to physically consult this archive, so the information provided by Jamie Miller is unfortunately out of date. Frustratingly, everything is now provided electronically, although this does mean that it is possible to use the archive without being in South Africa at all.


To access materials, you will need to contact the archivist, Ronel Jansen van Vuuren (e-mail address below), who is very helpful and accommodating, but you may need to send follow-up e-mails every now and again - I get the sense that they are busy. Since you can't view any catalogues or finding aids, you will need to give Ronel a purview of the materials that you are interested in, and she will then get back to you with relevant materials. This is of course frustrating if you don't have a very specific idea of the materials you are after; being as specific as possible will help.


You will still need to complete a PAIA application (note - this requires a South African address; you are allowed to nominate a contact person or colleague to provide an address for you) in order to access documents and to pay the usual declassification fee. I am still in the midst of this process, so cannot speak to how long the entire production will take.


Please also note that if you are visiting Pretoria for other research purposes, the Leaping Lizard guest house mentioned in the previous information for the DFA archive has sadly closed.


Contact person: Ronel Jansen van Vuuren

E-mail: jansenvanvuurenr@dirco.gov.za

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