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Kautz Family YMCA Archive

Page history last edited by Paul Keenan 14 years, 4 months ago

Date of tip: November 2006

Source: Jennifer Polk, jennifer.polk@utoronto.ca 


Location: 318 Andersen Library, 222 21st Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455.


How to get there: The Andersen library is on the west bank of the University of Minnesota Minneapolis campus. It is easily accessible by buses. You can plan your local travel on this website: http://www.metrotransit.org/.


Language: English  


Getting started: I recommend contacting the archive in advance of your visit. Once you arrive, you fill out a form and the archivist will bring up your materials for you. There are no official pull times, but you should coordinate with the archivist so that you won't be stuck waiting around with nothing to do while she is at lunch or in a meeting! 


Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. The archive is closed on university holidays.


General working conditions: The research room is shared by a few small archives located on the third floor of the Andersen library. Each researcher gets his or her own large table, the chairs are comfortable, and there are electrical outlets so you can plug in your laptop. There is a computer with internet access, so you can check your e-mail. The archive office---across the hall from the research room---also has a small kitchenette; I was able to bring my lunch and store it in their fridge.


Policy on technology: You may bring your laptop, but digital cameras are not allowed.


Photocopy policy: Photocopies are $0.25 per page. There is usually someone who comes in once a week to do this, so you might not be able to take your orders home with you. In this case, the archive will send you an invoice once your order is ready to be mailed.


Particularities: The U of M campus is full of places to eat and things to do if you have free time. Most of what you'll want is located on the east bank of campus, a few minutes walk away across a bridge over the Mississippi River.  


Places to Stay: I was in Minneapolis for a little over a week, and stayed with a local history grad student. I contacted the history department in advance of my trip, asking if any grad student had an extra room for me. (I payed approx. $25 a night.) This worked out great, and was cheaper and more enjoyable than staying at a hotel or hostel! The Twin Cities has a decent bus and light rail system, so getting around town isn't a major problem.


Funding: Researchers may apply for the Clarke Chambers Travel Fellowship; applications are due 15 April each year. For more information, see http://special.lib.umn.edu/swha/chambers.html 

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