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Archives New Zealand

Page history last edited by Paul Keenan 12 years, 10 months ago

Date of tip: January 2006.

Source: Graeme Mount [gmount@laurentian.ca].    


Location: 10 Mulgrave Street, Wellington.  Buses and trains arrive in Wellington at a common station on the waterfront.  Go to the north end of the station (away from the high rise which says "Victoria University" and in the direction of the place where city buses have their gathering place).  You will see Mulgrave Street.  Climb the hill, and the archives will appear two blocks up the hill, on the  right.


How to get there: Most international flights go to Auckland.  From Auckland, one can reach Wellington by air, train or bus.  There are also flights from Australia directly to Wellington.


Contact Details:  Phone + 64-4-499-5595; Fax: + 64-4-9495-6210; Email: reference@archivs.govt.nz; Regular mail: 10 Mulgrave Street, P.O. Box 12-050, Wellington 6001, New Zealand.


Language: English.


Getting started: While one can simply walk into Archives New Zealand unannounced, it would be wise to establish contact in advance in order to guarantee that material will be there.  There is a website: http://www.archives.govt.nz;  Follow the links to "Archway".  There is more to the holdings than "Archway" indicates, but an archivist should be able to offer advice.  There should be a reply within two weeks.


Opening Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The section open for public displays has Saturday hours (9 a.m. until 1 p.m.), but researchers cannot work on Saturdays.


General working conditions: There is retrieval service at half hour intervals (every thirty minutes on the hour and half hour).  Deposits requested at one pick-up will be available 30 minutes later.


Consultation: See “Getting Started”.


Policy on technology: Archives New Zealand is still debating whether to allow digital cameras.  The staff member who advised me, Jolene Russell, said that there will be an affirmative decision, hopefully within two months, but the debate concerns the rules which will surround the use of digital cameras.  


Photocopy policy: Researchers are not allowed to do their own photocopying but must pay a staff member 50 to 60 cents per page, depending on the size of the page.  Within 15 days of the request for photocopying, the photocopies should be available for pick-up on site or for mailing.


Particularities: The peculiarity is that Archives NZ has four outlets, the one in Wellington which I visited plus one on each of Auckland, Christchurch, and Dunedin.  The Wellington archive is the main one, and most records of the Department of External Affairs and the Ministry of Defence will be there.  However, information on immigration should be available at the regional archives: in Auckland from Hamilton north; in Wellington, the southern part of North Island; in Christchurch, the northern part of South Island; in Dunedin, the southern part of South Island.


Contact Information for Archives New Zealand's operations outside Wellington:


525 Mt. Wellington Highway

PO Box 91-220, Auckland 1, New Zealand.

Phone: +64-9-270-1100

Fax: + 64-9-276-4472

Email: auckland@archives.govt.nz



90 Peterborough Street

PO Box 642, Christchurch, New Zealand

Phone: +64-3-377-0760

Fax: +64-3-365-2662

Email: christchurch@archives.govt.nz



556 George Street

PO Box 6183, Dunedin North, New Zealand

Phone: +64-3-477-0404

Fax: +64-3-477-0422

Email: dunedin@archives.govt.nz 


How to apply for classified files: There is no form. 


Contact name in case of questions regarding classified files: There is no one person.  Follow the links on the website.


General Assessment: The staff was friendly, and the reading room was cheerful and bright.  Some tables have plugs so that researchers can use laptop computers.  The washrooms are clean, and there is a coffee shop.  Subway has a franchise across the street.


Places to Stay: Guide books will direct you to the kind of accommodation (modest, middle, luxurious) which you want. 

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